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Darby's Special Story


Darby, a 5.3 lb. Yorkie, estimated to be about 7-years old, was found wandering the streets of a Northern California town and taken to the local No Kill shelter. After his “stray hold” was up, a blood test revealed that Darby is in renal failure, anemic, has high blood pressure, and collapsing trachea. There are more tests to be done, but he’s in our care now, and we are doing all the right things to extend his life and make him comfortable. He’s in a loving foster home where he gets subcutaneous fluids twice a day, and is on medicines for his hypertension and trachea issues. He requires a special diet for his kidneys. He is a calm, quiet little guy who just wants to be with people and be loved. He’s good with other dogs, large and small, and cats. He is neutered and doesn’t have very many teeth, but he’s a happy boy. The thing that makes him happiest is begging for people food. We’re guessing he was fed table scraps, which may have contributed to his bad teeth and kidney problems.

Any donations to help pay for his medical will allow us to help another dog in need. Thank you for your donation.

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