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Franklin's Special Story


Update: July 2014
Franklin has gotten stronger and will sometimes get up on his back legs without his cart and take a few steps. Since he is showing some control of his rear legs, we are working with him at home with range of motion and strength training of those weak legs.

Update: March 2014
Franklin got his wheel cart. It took him a couple of different sessions to get used to it, but once he figured it out he could go!



Franklin came in as a “stray” on Saturday? Had abrasions on his feet and under tail from dragging. They said he can stand and support his weight on rear legs for short periods of time but is not using them to walk.

The reason for Franklin's disability is that he has been shot and has a BB lodged in his spinal cord. It has completely healed on the outside and due to the atrophy of his rear leg muscles, he had lived with this for months if not longer. Dr suggests that there are 2 possibilities to consider:

1. Go to a neurologist and get an MRI. The neurologist will either operate to remove it or not. Operating on the spinal cord could cause further damage. Or it could leave him exactly the same if the damage is not reversible. There is a small chance that he may ( with therapy) be able to gain some use of his legs after having the BB removed

2. Do nothing and fit him with a cart. He needs to be monitored to have his sores healed on his stomach, legs and behind, meaning he can't be allowed to drag him self around. You can see the BB it is the bright white dot in his spine

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