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In Loving Memory of Mary Schmidt,

Secretary of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

By Dr. Julie Gedro
Vice President, Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

Mary Schmidt was an exemplar of dedication and integrity, and she was a beloved friend to volunteers of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue all over the United States. With her devoted husband, Charlie, at her side, I had the pleasure of sharing many dinners with Mary over the years. I found her understated style to be refreshing, and I am certain that my high regard for Mary's personality as well as her attention to detail was shared by many, many others. After a brave battle with cancer, Mary passed away December 7, 2011. She was a loyal friend to me and to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. Her friendship has been a true treasure to all of us at YTNR and she will be missed. Below is the speech given as Mary was presented with "The Mary Schmidt Distinguished Service Award" at this year's YTNR Annual Ball:

The YTNR Board of Directors established a new award to recognize and honor the work of a YTNR volunteer who exhibits consistency, diligence, follow through, and overall excellence. This award follows our long standing tradition of recognizing the efforts of an outstanding individual. This year's recipient is a person who has earned the respect, trust, affection and appreciation of not only the YTNR Board of Directors, but also the Volunteer body. This year's recipient, Mary Schmidt, has served YTNR for twelve years. Mary worked tirelessly as Secretary to our Board of Directors, and it is with enormous gratitude and love that we establish "The Mary Schmidt Distinguished Service Award."


Mary Schmidt (above, at left) receiving the inaugural award (from YTNR President Mary Elizabeth Dugmore) named for her, at the 2011 YTNR Annual Ball.

Mary Schmidt, proudly wearing her YTNR Shirt (below):


Thanks so much for your donations made in Memory of Mary:

Jasper's Angels
Barbara Buechele in memory of a beautiful angel
Corrine Ellison
MaryElizabeth Dugmore
Betsy Vandenburg
Elaine Leshnower In memory of one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She will never be forgotten.

Dear Friends,
Please accept this donation in loving memory of my dear friend, Mary Schmidt. Your organization has meant much to her over the years. Your decision this fall to honor her for her contribution was wonderful and well deserved. I know your recognition brought her and her family much pride, and moved them all tremendously. I take comfort that she was not alone when she passed. I also know that your loss is Heaven's gain- they are so very lucky.

Sharing your Sorrow
Doreen Haller