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Remi's Special Story



Sept. 2016

We picked up Remi from his owner who surrendered him to YTNR on Friday. He was in such horrific condition, we took him to our vet immediately and he had to stay there for the weekend. We thought that Remi's neck was infected from an old embedded collar, but as it turns out, Remi's neck was horribly infected from the infection from his teeth. The infection from his mouth had spread to the bones in the neck and to his eye which is affecting his sight. The infection was eating away at the bone causing great bone loss in the jaw. Remi now has a drain in his neck and, antibiotics that need to be administered for a least a month. And with the anitbiotic eye drops we feel that his eye will be healed.

He was able to be neutered and given his vaccinations on Monday. Remi will not be available for adoption at this time, but we are optimistic that in time, he will be able to find his furever family. Remi is 10 years young and a very sweet little guy for all that he has gone through. Please remember him in your prayers and if you can at any time help out a little with a donation for his care, it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you

Any donations to help pay for his medical will allow us to help another dog in need.

You may donate money here to help replenish funds for future Surgeries:
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We appreciate any help you can offer so that we can continue helping these little dogs!