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Rescue Stories

Special Stories about rescue animals that people that have made a difference. We hope you enjoy them.

Smokey & Bill Wynne
Old Dog Story


This is Ewok aka EB. I rescued EB when he was one week old and bottle fed him. He has a hairlip and the vet gave him a 10% chance of living. Well, he is now 5+ years old and VERY MUCH alive. The vet was astonished when I took him in at 6 weeks for his shots and he was alive and weighed a whopping 9oz. He is very spoiled and has to lay with his head on my shoulder to go to sleep. EB is NOT a dog and you can't tell him that he is...LOL. He thinks he is a furry human and that I am his mom.

A New Family Member

Hi to all, This week, my family increased by one sweet little Rescue Yorkie and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this sad story which has a very happy ending.

This special lady's (her age is guessed to be about 7 yrs old)plight came to surface when she was found suffering and very close to death. Her uterus had burst, poisoning her entire system with severe infection. During the surgery, it was also discovered that her vital organ had been fused together with scar tissue, obviously caused my the multiple C-sections she had endured, and one kidney was so damaged that it had to be removed. She had bladder stones and her teeth were in such deplorable condition that several had to be removed. It is by a definite miracle that she has defied all odds that she was able to survive this horrendous ordeal.

Today,this special little lady is fully recovered, a happy although timid, loving, courageous sweetheart.......my new furbaby, Jodi. I am sure the diligent nursing and all the wonderful TLC from her "foster mom" was imperative for her recovery to become so complete. Here Jodi learned to trust people, accept the hugs and kisses of love, and to play with toys and her playmates. You see........a puppy mill offers none of these benefits. Thank you, Lisa!!!!!

Today as I share this story with you, Jodi lies in my lap so content. Tiffani accepts her as her new sister,...on meeting for the first time, they sized each other up and then kissed each other on the nose. Jodie now has a second chance to live out her remaining life with a loving family.

This is an all too common story of Puppy Mill animals. She had lived her prior seven years of her life, in a small wire cage, in filth & feces, kept only to reproduce over and over again. When these animals get sick, they are quickly and unfeelingly thrown away, their purpose, supposedly, at an END. YOU can HELP these poor unfortunate animals by opening YOU home to them. These 'rescues' can and DO rehabilitate and make wonderful loving pets.

Call your nearest Rescue organization and adopt or even "FOSTER" a Basset Hound or Yorkie. Give them a second chance and YOUR life will have a new meaning. They will return your LOVE TEN FOLD!!!

The Seafarer Crew


Well, it was about 11:00 PM when I recieved a call from a gal that runs dog control in our area. She had heard I was yorkie crazy and had tracked my phone number via the county data sheets as my hubby is a county employee also. It appears her friend was out for a walk in the evening and they observed a car stop near to where they were, the door open, and they PUSH out a tiny bundle of fur. The gal took down the licence plate number of the vehicle as it sped off....

The gal who found the bundle took it to her neighbor who works at animal control. This is where she thought of me and gave me a call. I hurried out of bed and was fast to dress as the little bundle was a very small injured yorkie! At approx 11:30 we arrieved to pick up the poor little fella who was later to be named Wyatt Earp. He was so tiny and sweet and pittifull! Just a beautiful dog! We quickly rushed him to my vets who luckily lives three doors down from me. Little wyatt spent the night there. He had suffered a broked leg and the vet fixed him up. We picked him up from the vets at 9:00 am the next morning. He looked great! (wyatt I mean..not the vet!).... The vets wife had fixed his hair and cleaned him up.... We came home and he ate like a lil' ol' hog and played with the other fur babies and oddly enough went into the kennel that I had prepaired for him as if he knew it was his. This little guy was sharp as a tack and just adorable! It was instint love between Wyatt and I!

We enjoyed Wyatt for 2 more days. In the afternoon of the 3rd day of his stay with us he failed to awaken from his nap. He died peacefully in his sleep. I was devistated. The vet did an autopsy as I had to know what happened so suddenly. It appears Wyatt had extensive internal damage...liver etc. The little sweet heart had apparently been kicked to near death by the thugs that dumped him so heartlessly.

Tia's Story

Hi everyone. I know everyone has heard that i adopted a new yorkie, and again i thank everyone for your prayers and good thoughts..but thought i would tell you the whole story on my angel tia (or as much a we could piece together.)

Tia is a 4lb female yorkie about 8 yrs old..she has spent her entire life living in a cage in a puppy mill..she has had about 16 litters of puppies..she has never had human touch but for being dragged out of her pen and bred..she has never had medical treatment or care...all her teeth were infection way up into the gums..they all had to be removed..she had a terrible uterine infection..eye infection. her back dew claws were just hanging....had to be almost shaved because of mats..when i first met tia(i had never seen an animal with no expression....tia had given up...i knew i would always care and love this special little angel..each day tia makes wonderful progress.

She is now alert..in fact my son came in the house the other day and tia barked and when he came close to me(tia was on my lap) she growled..telling him this is my mommy..it will be along time before she trusts..but i do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dotty's Story (Rescue Miracle)

This is Dotty, a Corgi. It is about 4:30 am and Martha kept me awake all night tossing around, so I decided to get up and (as you Corgi-L folks say) put in MY . 02 about rescue. After all, it is about me, isn't it. Sorry if this is long. I have something to say.

My breeders were nice folks. Not too smart, but nice. They loved my Mom and wanted more... Their gift to me was leaving me a "one knuckle" tail that Martha calls my metronome. She says she can't ever get another corgi, because she'll never find one with such a cute stub.

The family that bought me was nice too. A mom, dad, two sweet little girls, two big dogs and horses. We had a great life on a ranchette in the valley. Until the dad left one day and the mom was left with all that to take care of. I stayed busy herding the big dogs, until I was just totally exhausted by my own inability to stop. When I got flea infested, the mom had to choose between paying for Advantage or feeding her little girls. I have never thought she made the wrong choice.

By the time rescue was called for me (the mom knew she had to do something to save my life) I was a mess. My bites were all infected and I was covered with oozy sores. The first time I saw Debby, my foster mom, she scared me to death. She whisked me away from my little girls and suddenly I was in a crate headed for points unknown! To this day, I check inside every stroller I see to make sure my girls aren't in there.

But soon I found out that Debby had a bunch of corgis at home and a big kennel too with lots of other dogs. I was scared, but it wasn't too bad there. Debby cleaned me up, which I didn't like, but I knew by the look in her eyes and the gentleness in her hands that she was trying to help me.

Well, many trips to the vet and lots of drugs later, Debby found out I had mange and it wasn't getting any better. Mostly my problem was that the antibiotics weren't working and my infections were getting worse. The dip for the mange burned me so bad I just really wanted to die when Debby did that to me. She cried right along with me and I knew, again, that she was trying to help. But by then I was so sad, even her corgi crowd couldn't cheer me up.

One night during all this Debby got a phone call and I knew she was talking about me. She said I was too sick to be placed and that she didn't know when I could go to a new home. That's when I figured out my travels weren't over. The person kept calling every week or so. I would hear Debby say stuff like, "but you don't know what you are getting into. This dog STINKS!" It was true. The infection was rotting my flesh and no-one seemed to be able to make me better.

About that time, I tried to let Debby know it was ok to send me to the bridge. I was so tired and I knew she had tried very hard to make me well. The vet told her it was time to let me go too, but she just didn't want to. She even called her club to ask for their advice. And that crazy lady kept calling saying she was willing to take me!

When Martha showed up to pick me up, I could see the revulsion on her face. I just limped away and sat in the garage while she and Debby talked. I didn't blame her if she didn't want me. My heart was breaking as Debby brought out a healthy dog and offered her to Martha. And then Martha said, "No, I came for Dotty and I am going to take her home."

I was happy and sad at the same time. I loved Deb, and I couldn't bare to leave her. I still thought the bridge was the best place for me: I had heard the vet say as much to Debby that day. When she refused, he said he would try one more antibiotic. So, new pills and that awful mange dip in hand, Martha drove away with me. Martha has only heard me cry one time, it was that day when we drove down Debby's driveway and I thought I would never see her again. We drove the two hours to Martha's house with the windows down. And when we got there David put a fan on the floor in front of me to blow the stink away! A few days later Martha took me for a walk and it took her about ten minutes to notice my feet were bleeding. Oh boy, did I wish for Debby then! But she picked my stinking body up and carried me all the way home and I knew it would be ok.

I know Martha has told you all about my amazing recovery. How the antibiotic kicked in finally. How she tortured me with mitaban dips for four months. How Dr. Patrick cried and gave me my name: Rescue Miracle. How I came to have my very own golf course as a private dog park and how I play every day with pit bulls and poodles in the public dog park. I am very happy to be alive!

So someone asked about the rescue gods. I don't know, but I do know a very special Rescue goddess named Debby who insisted I stay alive long enough to find my true family. Debby, I know rescue is sometimes discouraging, and you get very tired. But please keep doing it, for the other Dottys out there waiting for you.

Love to all my corgi friends - especially those who do rescue.

Dedicated to people in Rescue

I wasn't a pup when I came to your home, I'd been dumped on the road, left to roam.
Don't remember the people except the pain. They left me to die in the cold and the rain.

You were driving down the highway, it was late at night when you saw the faintest glimmer of light.
You took a chance and turned around got out of the van and knelt to the ground.

My quivering body felt the gentlest of hands. I knew I need not make any demands.
In your heart, and your home, there was always room for those who would face certain doom.

You healed my body and you healed my heart. You gave me what I needed, a fresh start.
When I cried at night, you were always there with soft words, a kiss, a hug to share.

When I misbehaved and would cower with guilt you only showed love.....up to the hilt.
You loved and cared for me in sickness and health. Our love for each other was more precious than wealth.

Even when you were tired and had a bad day you'd always come home to me and say, "I missed you my baby.
I'm glad to be back." Then you'd give me kiss, a hug and a pat.

We'd have a nice dinner then go out to play. There was so much love I wanted to stay.
But my eyes, they faded and my heart grew weak. As my time grew closer you could not speak.

You held me tight, tears flowed from your eyes. We both had to say our sad good byes.
The release from pain we knew must end. No more time on this Earth would we spend.
Running in the fields, playing ball. Sitting quietly together at the end of it all.

But our time together is not through, because I'll be there waiting for you
At the edge of the Rainbow Bridge I'll stand until I once again see those gentle hands.
I'll run to you with tail held high. We will never again have to say good-bye.
My love at death, it does not end. Because you are, indeed, dogs best friend.

By Jeane Illsche

Lenny's Story

I have looking for a dog to adopt for a month, I checked all the animal shelter in the area. I knew I wanted a small, under 15 lbs dog, but I couldn't find anything. Some one at work suggested calling all the people listed in a directory for dog breeders and rescue centers. I called all the people listed in the directory of rescue animals first, knowing the dogs needed placement first. Every single one of the rescue centers had no dogs available. The last place I called was a Yorkie rescue. The receptionist told me they had three Yorkies that needed placement. One was a five year old male, the other two were females 8 months old but had to be adopted together. They also had a 2 year old Pekinese for adoption too.

I drove over after work, the girl first showed me the Pekinese, the dog was scared of any body but the owner. I thought for sure if I took her home she would have a heart attack in the car. Then they brought out the male Yorkie, his name was Lenny. He just jumped on my lap and acted like we had been friend for life. The girl told me a brief history of Lenny, he belong to an elderly lady who was placed in a nursing home. He had only been at the rescue for six weeks. The girl wanted to know if I wanted to meet the two girls. I felt Lenny was the only one I wanted.

I drove home with Lenny, introduced him to my husband and the cat. He got along great with both. The next day I called my boss and asked if I could bring my new dog to work. I was just planning on bring him to work that Friday so we could get use to each other. But my boss took one look as him and told me to bring him everyday.

I work at a nursing home and Lenny has been great with the residents. He has comforted resident who were scared and brought love to the terminal care people. I was so lucky to have found Lenny, and he adopting me. I have had him for three years now and he goes everywhere with me.


Dear God please send me somebody who'll care! I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair. My body is aching, it's so racked with pain And dear God I pray as I run in the rain. That someone will love me and give me a home. A warm cozy bed and a big juicy bone.

My last owner tied me all day in the yard. Sometimes with no water and God that was hard! So I chewed my leash God and I ran away To rummage in garbage and live as a stray. But now God I'm tired and hungry and cold. And I'm so afraid that I'll never grow old. They've chased me with sticks hit me with stones. While I run the streets just looking for bones!

I'm not really bad God, please help if you can for I have become just a "victim of man!" I'm wormy dear God and I'm ridden with fleas and all that I want is an owner to please! If you find one for me God, I'll try to be good. I won't chew their shoes, and I'll do as I should. I will love them, protect them and try to obey. When they tell me to sit, to lie down or to stay! I don't think I'll make it too long on my own, Cause I'm getting so weak and I'm Oh so alone. Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry Cause I'm so afraid God, that I'm gonna die! I've got so much love and devotion to give That I should be given a new chance to live. So dear God please, please answer my prayer and send me somebody who will really care, That is, dear God, if You're really there!

-Author Unknown