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YTNR Guardian Angels

We could not continue without you!!!!!!

(Angel of Prayer) - $500 & up

Hannelie Vermeulen, Ray Webb, Mary Jane Sanders, Sharie LaKind, Yi Qing Zhang, Pieter Vermeulen, William Blair trust fund, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, Karen Roff, Linda Connor, Fran Fike, Stephanie Jackson, Antoinette Lowery, Sheila Villa, Carlyn Clement, Sandra Flolo, Jennifer Griffiths, Cathy and Jeffrey Grimes, Patricia Rogers, Craig Williams, Hannelie Vermeulen, Peggy Pittman-Munke, Ms Sandy Lu, Pamela Mindt, Priscilla Mahar, Animal Welfare Foundation, Paula Fonseca, Dodge Country Friends of Animals, David Raday, Teresa Kroll, Rachel Heiner, Sharon Tate Fans, James Richardson, Diane Sotiros, Trisha Yearwood, Lori Ross, Polly Sager, Kimberly Offhaus, Shelly Greenwood


Stars of Gabriel
(The Angel of Mercy) - $100 to $499

David Mendelson, Carlotta Engermann, John Weltman, Lisa Duri, Carlyn Clement, Dalita Harmon, Corrine Ellison, Kathryn Schuller, Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, Alan Nakashima, Michelle Mukherjee, Barbara Thorsen, Sara Chisholm, Mary Sanders, JansNeatStuff, Mary J Sanders, Antoinette Lowery, Sandra Flolo, Priscilla Byars, Cheryl Scrupski, Paula Fonseca, Diana Moss, Sabina Pish, Sandy Monticelli, Brenda Zenger, Onna Villanueva, Karen Roff, Mary Jane Sanders, Stacey Giarraffa


Stars of Ionel
(The Archangel of Health/Healing) - $50 to $99

Heather and Jason Redd, Mary Perini, Laurel Susan Sulliva, KitApps, Inc., Stella Dunavin, Karen Grapenthin, Ellen Spinner, Mahmoud-Loghman-Adham, John & Amy Arnold, Michael Catanzaro, Anne Hobbie, Lisa Anders, Tony Medina, Anita Hammond-Hammitt, Roseann Scibelli, Ann Stochel Bruno, Lynn Garcia, Janis Kuykendall


Stars of Aftiel
(Angel of Twilight) - $1 to $49

Margaret Tolbert, Brent Baker, Cynthia Merino, Cherie Chandler, Mary Rose, Elizabeth Schwartze, Michael Catanzaro, Dawn King, Julia Leverett, Kingkan Rueanon, Angel Sloss, Drift Industry, Rochelle Tracey, Paula Scott, Janet Hopson, Donna Poole, Paul Sherman, Chantel Taylor, Patricia Lynagh-Kushnir, Joanne Vogel, Miyuki Shinozuka, Sandra Chesnut, Johnell Costa, Ebony and friends, Davies Doreen, Patricia Malaszczuk, Carole Mitchem, Annette Mann, Bonnie Medina


2016 Contributions by Category

January Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Karen Roff , Anita Hammond-Hammitt, Carole Mitchem, Mary Jane Sanders, Stacey Giarraffa in memory of Kiwi Giarraffa

General Fund for Puddin':
Mary Jane Sanders

General Fund for Ebony:
Bonnie Medina

General Fund for TuffyT:
Hannelie Vermeulen

General Fund for Harmony:
Bonnie Medina, Anita Hammond-Hammitt in honor of Ebony

General Fund for Tilly:
Annette Mann

Liver Shunt Fund Kimmy:
Kathryn Schuller


March Contributors

Liver Shunt Fund Unrestricted:
Lynn Fisch In memory of Cindy Adams Jazzy, Jr.

Liver Shunt Fund for Peanut:
Vera Rangos, Kathryn C Schuller, Onna Villanueva

General Fund Unrestricted:
Pieter Vermeulen in memory of Tuffy
JansNeatStuff, Karen Roff In memory of my precious little Yorkie "PeeWee", Davies Doreen, Ebony and friends, Ann Stochel Bruno

General Fund for Max Medical:
Brenda Zenger


April Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Sabina Pish, Anne Hobbie, Karen Roff in memory of Maggie & PeeWee,
Roseann Scibelli In Memory of Sharon Kneafsey

General Fund for Tiny Teddy:
Cheryl Scrupski, Sandy Monticelli

General Fund for Remie:
Alan Nakashima

General Fund for Paddywack:
Sabina Pish, Kathryn C Schuller, Johnell Costa, Onna Villanueva

Liver Shunt Fund for Peanut:
Carlyn Clement, Priscilla Byars, Onna Villanueva, Mary Jane Sanders, Michael Catanzaro, Cheryl Scrupski, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, Antoinette Lowery
Sherry L Miller in memory of Shadow

Liver Shunt Fund Unrestricted:
Betty DeAcetis in memory of Skylar


May Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Rochelle Tracey, Pieter Vermeulen, Karen Roff in memory of Pee Wee, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, JansNeatStuff, Anita Hammond-Hammitt, Joanne Vogel, Chantel Taylor, Paul Sherman, Michael Catanzaro, Mahmoud Loghman-Adham

General Fund for Rudy:
Stephanie Jackson, Sandra Chesnut, Diana Moss, Miyuki Shinozuka, Tony Medina, Paula Fonseca, Patricia Lynagh-Kushnir, Hannelie Vermeulen, Lisa Anders, Donna Poole, Janet Hopson, Cheryl Scrupski, Anne Hobbie, Paula Scott, Mary Jane Sanders


June Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Karen Roff in memory of PeeWee, Maggie & Callie
Sandra Flolo, Priscilla Byars, Angel Sloss, DriftIndustry, Mary J Sanders

General Fund for Rudy:
John Sauser

General Fund for Nala:
Michael Catanzaro


July Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Fran Fike, Karen Roff in memory of Bootsie, William Blair trust fund in honor of Bob Grimes,
Sara Chisholm, Mary Sanders, Ellen Spinner, Mahmoud-Loghman-Adham, JansNeatStuff, Mary J Sanders, John & Amy Arnold, Antoinette Lowery


August Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Stella Dunavin in memory of Lee Ferchaud, Mary J Sanders

General Fund for Mandy:
Karen Grapenthin

September Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Karen Roff, Linda Connor, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, KitApps, Inc.


October Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Karen Roff In memory of Pee Wee,
Sharie LaKind, Julia Leverett in memory of Kenzie Melnyk,
Yi Qing Zhang, Kingkan Rueanon, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore

Jar Change Challenge
Pieter Vermeulen, Hannelie Vermeulen


November Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Michelle Mukherjee in memory of Ollie.
Carlyn Clement, Dalita Harmon, Ray Webb, Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, Michael Catanzaro, Mary Jane Sanders, Barbara Thorsen, Dawn King

General Fund for Mister:
Kathryn Schuller, Elizabeth Schwartze, Alan Nakashima

Jar Change Challenge
Corrine Ellison

Liver Shunt Fund Unrestricted:
Nikki Goldstein

Liver Shunt Fund For Viva:
Nikki Goldstein

Liver Shunt Fund For Peanut:
Nikki Goldstein

Liver Shunt Fund For Kimmie:
Nikki Goldstein


December Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Margaret Tolbert in honor of Polly Buckingham
David Mendelson, Cherie Chandler In Memory of Carole Martin of Kennesaw, Ga who loved her "Mindy".
Brent Baker, Cynthia Merino, Heather and Jason Redd, Mary Rose in honor of Gigi Baker,
JansNeatStuff, Carlotta Engermann, Mary Perini,John Weltman, Laurel Susan Sulliva, Lisa Duri

General Fund Jar Change Challenge
Hannelie Vermeulen