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YTNR is committed to taking care of our rescues even though they are now deemed unadoptable due to age, age related illness and terminal illness.

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Come see our Special Needs Dogs here. These dogs need extra help. Any donation you can make will help us help little dogs like this needing extreme emergency care.

Pawspice dogs


Meet Ebony, he came to YTNR at 8 weeks old. The lady that surrendered him had the mother with puppies, the mother dog was dropped off and the ladies home to baby sit. She had no idea the little female was pregnant, she tried to get the owner to come and get her without success. She woke up one morning; to the mom and four pups. Everything was great for a while, she still tried to get the owner to come and get the mother and pups still no success. After the pups were up and around she noticed that the little male was not able to walk correctly. He would take a step or two and his back end would hit the floor. She contacted YTNR to see if we could help him, she had no money to fix him. He was only 4 weeks at this time and she was told he would have to be at least 8 weeks before he could be taken from his mom.

One of our volunteers in CA. is a flight attendant, she flew to GA. to pick up the pup and then flew to IN. to meet his foster mom, who is one of several volunteers who specialize in special needs rescues. This foster mom has had other rescues with similar problems. Ebony was taken to an Orthopedic Surgeon and was told they couldnít do anything for him that the problem was nerve damage. Also poor Ebony would never be potty trained as he canít hold his urine or bowels. After a year and a half with no one wanting a rescue like Ebony; YTNR deemed him a Pawspice rescue. He has been living with his foster mom for 2 Ĺ years now. She also did water therapy and acupuncture which helped, but sadly with time his nerve damage has gotten worse, he has also gone blind. He will live his life with his foster mom who he loves deeply and she him. The foster mom has had to cut his hair very short for hygiene purposes, but he is a happy boy.

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This pretty little boy is Lou. Lou is a delightful little boy at 5.5 lbs. with congestive heart failure. YTNR deemed him a Pawspice rescue.

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