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Looking for a new Home...

To rescue a Yorkie, a minimum donation to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is required based upon on the age and condition of the dog and medical expenses incurred beginning at $150 plus a $25 fee for Microchipping. Each dog is Microchipped before going to it's new home. Read about our Microchip Policy here.

If you are interested in a Yorkie that is not in your home state, you may still send an inquiry, however, every effort is first made to place the dogs locally, however in some circumstances we do allow the adopted families to come pick the dogs from their foster home.

We tend to have more people willing to rescue our Yorkies than we have dogs available. While this may mean that you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before a rescue becomes available, it is the best possible situation for our Yorkies needing new "forever" homes. You must fill out the form to be put on the waiting list, and someone in your area will contact you.

Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore

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Come see our Special Needs Dogs here.

These dogs need extra help. Any donation you can make will help us help little dogs like this needing extreme emergency care.

Available Rescue's Below:

Southern California


Joy / Adoption donation is $250

February 2016
This is Joy. She is a sweet and shy Yorkie (Silkie?) Terrier. Joy weighs 12 lbs. and is 11 years old. Her mom needed to move to a place where she could receive more help in day to day living, so Joy is now looking for a new place to call home. She should go to a home much like she is used to: quiet with one or two people. She would probably do well with one cat or other small dog as well. Joy can be a little anxious around strangers at first, but loves to be near her person. Joy also enjoys long walks, riding in the car and her toys. Joy also does well using potty pads in the home or with frequent potty breaks.

She is vaccinated, spayed, heartworm tested and microchipped. Adoption fee $ 250.00 including microchip.

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Remy / Adoption donation is $350

February 2015
Remy is a 4 pound male Yorkie that is about 7 years old. We have been evaluating him in foster care and think heís about ready for his new home. Remy would do well in a home with other small dogs, or a small cat if they'll accept him. If there are no other pets, the owner would need to spend a substantial amount of time with him, either at home, or by taking Remy along. He travels well, and he walks well on a leash. I believe he is potty-trained, only one accident. He has a very passive manner, and he's extremely timid. He is petite so he will not go to a home with children. Remy needs to gain a little weight and will need time to settle in to feel comfortable.

He is neutered, Up to date on his vaccinations and microchipped. Adoption donation is $350, includes Microchip.

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Northern California


Titus / Adoption donation is $400

January 2016
My name is Titus, but you can call me Ty for short. I was born in June of 2005, so that makes me 10 Ĺ yrs. old. Foster mom says if you didnít know my age, you would think that I was only 5! I guess thatís because of my shiny coat of hair and trim, fit bod. I have been very well taken care of by my first mommy. She cared for me so much, that when she had to work and be gone 11 hours a day, she had the courage to let me go so I could have a life in a new home with family there to take care of me all the time. I get along with other dogs, as long as they understand whoís boss, but I prefer the company of humans. I love to be wherever you are and never get tired of following you from room to room. I am good about letting you know when I need to go outside. I am fully vaccinated, have been heartworm tested and just had a dental cleaning. I am Ďfixedí and microchipped too. I have a lot of life left in me and will be a great companion for years to come. I would love to have my own yard and someone to stay at home all day for cuddles and love. Please fill out an adoption application now and put my name on it. Adoption donation is $400.00, including microchip.

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Woody / Adoption donation is $400

January 2016
Look into those eyes! You will be captivated by his sweet face and charmed by his loving personality. Woody is a Biewer Terrier. Some people call them Parti-Yorkies. These dogs are sometimes called Biewer Yorkies, but are a separate breed. Biewers are also hypoallergenic like Yorkshire Terriers and have different coloring which includes white. Woody is 8 years old and a pudgy 12.2 pounds. He should weigh about 11 pounds. Woody is a happy, cuddly little guy that loves to walk and is well mannered. He learned to use a doggie door quickly, but will need to have reinforcement housebreaking training in his new home. Woody should be an only furbaby for a stay at home person or his dog pal should at least be of a passive nature to accept Woodyís alpha personality.

Caution, however Ė Woody became overweight by taking over his last dog buddyís food as well as his own. He is microchipped, completely up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested and will have a dental cleaning prior to adoption to their forever home. Adoption donation is 400.00, includes microchip

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Danny / Adoption donation is $600

January 2016
This is Danny. He is a small but chubby Yorkie boy of 8 years old and just over 4 lbs. Danny is nervous and unsure in his foster home. He is a quiet boy and needs a quiet home. He uses potty pads and a doggie door to do his business but he is confused in this new home and sometimes makes mistakes. Danny is taking some meds for a slight skin allergy on his rear legs. The Vet says that once they are under control, it should go away. He is microchipped and has all of his vaccinations.

This little dog is ready to find his forever home where he can relax and get comfortable so he can love and be loved by a new family. Adoption donation is $600.00, includes microchip.

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Mojo / Adoption donation is $250

December 2015
Mojo is a happy and healthy male Yorkie. He is weighs 10.7 pounds of love and cuddles. Mojo has been a well-cared for and loved pet. His owner has become ill and cannot care for him. Mojo walks well on a leash, loves to ride in the doggie car seat in the car and has nice manners. Mojo needs some work on his potty habits due to the fact his owner couldnít get up to let him out regularly. He has learned to use a doggy door quickly and is a smart boy.

Mojo will turn 11 years old on December 30th. He is energetic and in good health. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and just had a dental cleaning. Adoption fee $ 250.00

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Franklin / Adoption donation is $550

January 2014
Franklin is a special needs dog with a great attitude and inspiring story. This Yorkie boy was found as a stray, dragging his back end with sores on his feet, hocks and bottom. He appeared to have lived without the use of his rear legs for quite some time. The shelter staff contacted YTNR because Franklin had such a good personality, they believed he was a good candidate for a second chance.

Franklin was examined and X rayed. It was discovered that this sweet little dog had been shot and has a BB lodged in his spinal cord. Surgery to remove the BB was ruled out and a custom made wheel cart was ordered. Franklin has learned to use his wheel cart quickly. His abrasions have almost healed and he is ready to find his very own forever family.

His new family must be willing to devote time to Franklins continued care. He will never be able to walk on his own. He can not be left alone in his cart without supervision. Franklin must wear a Drag Bag when he isn't in his wheel cart to prevent the sores and abrasions from coming back. Franklin also wears diapers since his ability to control his bowels and bladder have also been affected. In return for this extra care, Franklin will reward you with unconditional love and a lifetime of good days and inspiration.

He is about 2 years old, weighs 11. 6 pounds. He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm and parasite tested as well as up to date on all his vaccinations. If you are committed to being there for Franklin, day to day for the rest of his life, please fill out an adoption application now. Adoption donation $550.00 Includes microchip.



Frankie / Adoption donation is $275

January 2016
Franky is a 9 year old love muffin looking for good cuddles and daily walks. Heís very low maintenance and has a little heart and soul of gold. The original owners of Franky gave him an abundance of love and affection, but unfortunately, they we not able to provide him with the care he needed to live a long and healthy live. Since he has been surrendered to YTNR, we have taken him to the vet to get his remaining 7 teeth extracted.

This little soul is still a youngster, He is potty trained, really needs to go out about 4 - 6 times a day. The ideal family for Franky would be with somebody who is home often enough to give him the love and affection he needs. He has slight separation anxiety, but with a little training, that can possibly be curbed. You wonít be disappointed in letting this little soul into your home and your heart. He is an absolute treasure! If you can give Franky a loving home please fill out an adoption application add his name so we know you are interested in him.

Adoption donation is $275, includes microchip

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Paris / Adoption donation is $600

January 2016
Hello! My name is Paris. I am 3-4 years old, up-to-date on shots, spayed and is healthy all around. I am a little on the thin side but am gaining weight gradually. I weigh 7-8 pounds and the vet said maybe between 8-9 pounds would be a good target weight for ME. I LOVE to eat and if you have and other pets, be sure to feed me by myself and pick up any other food or I will eat it all up. My foster mom calls me her ďlittle bundle of loveĒ. I like to follow everyone around to see what they are doing. (Not nosey, just very curious!) I LOVE people and other dogs. I was a little shy when I first met my new brother and sisters, but now that I know the rules I can jump right in and play, play, play! I also like to play with small stuffed toys and chew on Nyla bones! The only difficulty my foster mom says is that I forget to tell her when I have to go potty. I sleep in my crate at night and never go in there, itís just the daytime. (I think I just get too busy with other things and just forget) Mom says that if my new person can let me out often during the day I will learn pretty quick (She says Iím very smart). So if you have the time for a real cuddlier and patience to teach me, Iím the one for you! Adoption donation is $600, includes microchip

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Lexi / Adoption donation is $275

December 2015
Hi, my name is Lexi. Due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, I ended up in a high kill shelter. Luckily a shelter volunteer stepped up to foster me so I didnít even have to put one dainty paw in the shelterís scary kennels. That same volunteer saved my life by contacting Yorkie Rescue. Now that Iím safe, I find myself looking for my forever family. I hope they are out there somewhere and see my plea. I have foster dog siblings (big and small) and get along with them all, as well as these creatures they call cats. One that was bigger than me tried to chase me but I was too fast for him. Iím always ready for adventure. When foster mom gets up I am right there following her around. I donít want to miss a thing. Foster mom says Iím sweet and cuddly, but arenít all Yorkies? I am spayed and just had my teeth cleaned, all my vaccinations and micro chipped...whew, thatís a lot for such a wee girl. I weigh a mere 5 pounds. The vet estimated my age at 8 years but that doesnít mean much to me because I have the energy of a youngster.

If you are the one that has been looking for someone like me, please fill out an adoption application and be sure to put my name on it. Iíve got lots of love to give. Adoption Donation is $275, includes microchip.


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Pressley / Adoption donation is $550

October 2015 Hello my name is Pressley, I reside in Las Vegas. My 1 an only owner was an Elvis fan and had to surrender me due to her health reasons, I had a partner who I was raised with so that makes me a great buddy with other dogs. I also enjoy children that's a plus. I weigh 5 pounds, for me being 7 yrs. young I sure have lots of spunk, I might not chase balls or roll over on command I do have a big heart and love lots of attention. I let you know when it's time to go outside and "POTTY" as well as when someone is ringing the doorbell. I love cuddle time and sleeping at the foot of the bed. I can dance for a treat, and get supper happy when it's time to go for a walk, when I see the leash I will sit while you get me ready and know the ",WALK" word as well as the jingle of car keys as I LOVE to ride I can also jump up on command when allowed.

My disposition is meek, I don't dig or chew, I'm looking for love. If you think I am what you are looking for in a companion please fill out an adoption application (donít forget to put my name on the app.) Adoption Donation is $550, includes microchip.