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Looking for a new Home...

To rescue a Yorkie, a minimum donation to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is required based upon on the age and condition of the dog and medical expenses incurred beginning at $150 plus a $25 fee for Microchipping. Each dog is Microchipped before going to it's new home. Read about our Microchip Policy here.

If you are interested in a Yorkie that is not in your home state, you may still send an inquiry, however, every effort is first made to place the dogs locally, however in some circumstances we do allow the adopted families to come pick the dogs from their foster home.

We tend to have more people willing to rescue our Yorkies than we have dogs available. While this may mean that you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before a rescue becomes available, it is the best possible situation for our Yorkies needing new "forever" homes. You must fill out the form to be put on the waiting list, and someone in your area will contact you.

Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore

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Come see our Special Needs Dogs here. These dogs need extra help. Any donation you can make will help us help little dogs like this needing extreme emergency care.

Adoption Fee

Available Rescue's Below:

Southern California

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Lady / Adoption donation is $375

March 2018
Lady is such a sweet girl. She loves to be in your lap and loves giving kisses. Lady lost her right eye in an accident last year. She also had un-diagnosed diabetes, which left her almost completely blind in the other eye. She does get around the house well, as most dogs adapt really easily to losing their sight. . She was not previously potty trained, but she is getting the hang of it. You have to take her outside and watch her.

Lady weighs 6.7 lbs and should weigh a little more. She is 9 years old. She will need a new home that has experience with giving insulin or someone that wants to learn about it. It's not difficult at all. She does take some care but is so worth it. She does well in a puppy pen if needed, but Please, no crates! She lived most of her time in a crate at her prior home. Lady loves other dogs. No small kids please,as she can't see to move out of the way of quick movements. Lady is microchipped, fully vaccinated and spayed. Adoption donation is $375, includes microchip

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Grace / Adoption donation is $100

October 2017
This precious little girl is Grace. She is estimated to be about 12 years old. She is very friendly, sweet, and quiet. She enjoys sitting on your lap, or beside you on the couch. She gives kisses upon request. She loves her food, but most of all, she loves to go for a walk. She is good in the car, although she will walk around the car to different windows if not confined. She gets along very well with other small dogs, but has not been seen with cats, or large dogs. She gets along with children over the age of 8 as long as they are mature enough to handle small dogs.

Unfortunately, Grace's teeth have not been well taken care of, but due to a heart murmur, anesthetic dental cleaning is not an option for her. Because of the heart murmur, Grace may need to be on medication for the rest of her life, but because of her small size, the cost will be minimal. Grace is a small girl weighing in at 6.9 pounds, and she's a beautiful black and silver Yorkie. She is full of love. Grace would do well in a home with a stay-at-home mom or dad, or other small dogs her size. Grace is micro chipped, vaccinated, heart worm tested (negative) and is spayed. If you're looking for a great companion, put "GRACE" on your application. Adoption donation is $100.00, includes microchip.

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Paddywak / Adoption donation is $250

May 2016
Paddywak came to us from a high kill shelter in L.A. He seemed so very small and compliant, not especially reactive for an 11 year old boy. He had never been nuetered and his breath could knock you over from bad teeth long uncared for. When he was placed in the home among the greeting family of yorkies he seemed ready to do his job which seemed to be mounting any willing volunteers. There were none and he was quickly rebuffed and soon avoided. Paddywak had to learn a new way of life. From his reaction to things this little boy had never been talked to, loved or played with by a human and apparently was only bred to reproduce. Housetraining was a puzzle to him and affection quite foreign.

Today this little boy is a new "person". He has had all his shots, neutered and fresh breath. His teeth cleaning really meant removing rotted teeth that didn't even bleed.....there was only infection left in the gums. He is healing, happy and attached at the lap. Sit down and he becomes part of you, move to the next room and he is by your feet. Bedtime is the best time because then he is snuggled up next to you in bed. Life has never been so good ! He is cautious with strangers but always gentle. When the others bark at imagined bad mailmen and other dangers Paddywak joins in but nothing comes out. Wherever he lived before they made sure he didn't complain so they had him debarked.

Little guy, big love now. He is ready for his best home ever! Adoption Donation is $250, includes microchip.

Northern California

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Daisy is microchipped, spayed, fully vaccinated and had a full dental cleaning. Her blood work showed no issues with her health. She is a happy dog but is dominant with other females. We believe that she should be adopted to a home as an only dog to be able to soak up 100% of the love that she missed out on during her early years. A stay at home parent would be great and a yard is a must.

Daisy / adoption donation will be waived

June 2017

You have been awarded a “Senior Pet Grant” from the PETFINDER FOUNDATION! Daisy’s adoption donation will be waived and we are looking for the best possible home for her. The Petfinder Foundation is sponsoring senior pets currently in foster care that are older and have less of a chance to be adopted and in some cases (NOT Daisy’s) euthanized. Please fill out an adoption application if you think you want this precious girl to be a part of your family.

Once again, thank you to the Petfinder Foundation for your generous support and helping to facilitate the adoption of Daisy!

Daisy is beautiful 10 1/2 yr old Yorkie. She is in very good health and acts half her age. It may be that since her first 10 years of her life she was used as a backyard breeding mama. Her puppies were shipped to another state to be sold in pet stores. Now that she has the freedom to roam in a nice grassy yard, and spend her nights in a comfy bed in a loving home, she is enjoying her life to the fullest.


Ella / Adoption donation $700

May 2017
Meet Ella! She is ready to meet you. She loves people and will plant her self right in your lap on on your feet if you're standing up. Ella is 5 years old and weighs 10 pounds. She is a former breeding dog. Ella has had her teeth cleaned, her vaccinations updated and she is microchipped. We had a blood panel done ( all good!) and her Fecal parasite and Heartworm tests were negative. Ella has a natural tail. She doesn't mind other dogs, but has an alpha personality so make sure any other dogs in the home are prepared to become Queen Ella's subjects. Ella is not used to being a pet, so she will have a transisition time with her new family learning proper doggie behavior in a home. She is smart and loving and truly wants to please her people.

Fill out an adoption application now. Adoption donation is $700.00, includes microchip,

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Zach / Adoption donation is $425

April 2018
Hi. My name is Zack. I am an 8 year old Yorkie/Maltese mix. I am 10 lbs. of adoration just waiting to love and be loved. I was surrendered by my previous owner after suffering with bladder stones for over a year. Once in foster care, I was finally able to obtain the surgeries needed to remove the stones. I was also neutered and microchipped. I have recovered from my surgeries and oh my! Life is GOOD now that I am out of pain! It’s like being a puppy all over again and I have a renewed joy for life!

I am looking for my forever “mom.” My foster mom is not sure what may have happened in my past, but she can see how scared I can be around men. My foster dad is careful to take it slow with me and I am responding very well, but it will take patience to help me over that fear from my past.

My ideal environment is with a single retired female, no kids/pets (although my foster mom has two small dogs and I have not had a problem.) UTD on vaccines and Microchipped. My hair had to be cut very short after I was surrendered, but my foster mom says that my hair is super soft and I do enjoy all the compliments I get when I go for a strut---I mean a walk. Not only am I am fully potty-trained, I get VERY happy when I hear “Good Boy!” after I do my business. I respond very strongly to words of affirmation and I will do anything I can to make you happy. I am a love bug! I love to cuddle on your lap, binge watch TV, sleep at your feet and follow you around the house to make sure that you never forget how much I love you.

I just know that somewhere out there, my forever mom is reading this right now. Can I come home? Adoption donation is $425, includes mirochip

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Zoe / Adoption donation is $425

March 2018
Hi There. My name is Zoe and I am the best dog in the entire world! At least that is what my foster mom keeps telling me. Forgot to tell you I am a very young 8 years old and weight about 5 pounds.I am beautiful, sweet, love to cuddle, quiet, love people, and go outside to potty. I like going for walks and do well walking on a leash. We went to the forest preserve the other day and I LOVED IT! All the good sniffs and a nice long walk. I like riding in the car too. Anywhere you go, I go. I am happiest on your lap or just being near you. I can be a couch potato too. I would prefer to be your one and only companion. That way I get all of your attention.

I came from a family with several dogs who scared me and I don’t like it when dogs fight, bark, or get too excited. I don’t like commotion either so I really want to be an only dog or with one other quiet dog who won’t bother me. I get a bit nervous when I am all alone so I would prefer to have a family where you are home with me. I don’t want to be around children either. I like adults best and will sit on my foster mom or my foster dad’s lap. I was with my first family for all of my eight years so moving to a new place has been kind of hard. I am doing great though and will soon be ready to go to my new home. I am spayed, UTD on all of my shots, microchipped and super healthy. I weigh 7 pounds and I think I told you I am a very young eight years old. They tell me I am a Morkie even though I am mostly black. I heard black Morkies are rare so you see I really am special and beautiful!

If you are my perfect family, I am waiting for you. Please put my name on your application. Zoe, remember? Adoption Donation is $425, includes microchip.


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Coco / Adoption donation is $800

April 2018
Hi everyone, my name is Coco. As you can see I am one handsome and young Yorkie. I am only about a year old and weigh 10 pounds. I came to YTNR because I needed surgery on my left hip. Had the surgery and all went well, I still don’t want to use that leg, my Dr. said it will take time. I love going for walks, don’t have good leash manners but my foster mom is working on it. I do very well in the car, I am potty broke have not had any accidents in the house. Love to sit with my foster mom when she has time to sit with me. She tells me I am such a love and good boy, that makes me very happy because I love to please. I am crate trained which she says it is a good thing, not always willing to go in the crate but I am learning. I am a smart boy!

If you want a good companion I am the one for you, if I am please fill out an application. Don’t forget to add my name on it so they will know you want me. I am waiting to love you, oh and another thing I do very well with other dogs also. Adoption Donation is $800, includes microchip.


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Chloe / Adoption donation is $400

April 2018
Get ready to fall in love. This very sweet girl is Chloe. She is a 9 year old, 9.6 lb Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) and is being fostered in East TN. Isn’t she beautiful! Chloe has been a part of the YTNR family for just over a month. She is diabetic (but don’t let this bother you, it doesn’t bother her) her foster mom has been working with the vet to get her insulin regulated. Chloe’s former mom surrendered her to the rescue due to a number of life circumstances which made it hard to give Chloe the proper care and attention she needs and so deserves.

Chloe gets insulin injections twice a day after each meal and is on a special diet for her diabetes. Chloe is not a cuddly baby but will come sit next to you for attention or a good belly rub. She is crate trained and mostly house trained. Her foster mom finds that taking her out every couple of hours helps prevent accidents. Her previous mom said that she would ring a bell, which hung on the door, when she needed to go out. Chloe loves walks and car rides. Chloe is spayed, up to date with her shots and micro chipped.

If you feel that you could give Chloe the time, love and attention she so deserves please ask for her by name on your application. Adoption Donation is $400, includes microchip.

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Rosie / Adoption donation is $425

January 2018
Hi everyone, this is Rosie! She is 9 months old and weighs 25 pounds. While we don’t know much about her, we believe she is a Chihuahua Mix. Rosie is doing very well with crate training and has done very well with potty training. She only seems to have accidents when she’s super excited! She has mastered the “sit” command and is currently learning “no” and “down”. She wants a home with a fenced yard so she can run like the wind. She does great with children who give tummy rubs, younger dogs and cats.

If you would like to adopt her please put her name on your adoption application. Rosie is UTD on shots and is spay. She also comes with a microchip. Rosie is waiting to hear from you. Rosie needs a FUREVER home will you be the one! Adoption Donation is $425, includes microchip.