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Looking for a new Home...

To rescue a Yorkie, a minimum donation to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is required based upon on the age and condition of the dog and medical expenses incurred beginning at $150 plus a $25 fee for Microchipping. Each dog is Microchipped before going to it's new home. Read about our Microchip Policy here.

If you are interested in a Yorkie that is not in your home state, you may still send an inquiry, however, every effort is first made to place the dogs locally, however in some circumstances we do allow the adopted families to come pick the dogs from their foster home.

We tend to have more people willing to rescue our Yorkies than we have dogs available. While this may mean that you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before a rescue becomes available, it is the best possible situation for our Yorkies needing new "forever" homes. You must fill out the form to be put on the waiting list, and someone in your area will contact you.

Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore

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Come see our Special Needs Dogs here.

These dogs need extra help. Any donation you can make will help us help little dogs like this needing extreme emergency care.

Available Rescue's Below:

Southern California


Tiny Teddy / Adoption donation is $150

April 2016
This is Tiny Teddy. He is 11 years old and only 4.4 pounds. His background is one of neglect. He has been to the Vet, is fully vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. He needs a quiet home, with a stay at home person. He rides well in the car and loves to nap in the sunshine. He is too small and fragile to go to a home with small children or large dogs. He is good about barking at the door to go outside. Tiny Teddy has very short hair right now due to matting which makes him look like he is all ears. With the loving care and healthy diet he is on at foster moms, his coat should grow out again shiny and soft.

Tiny Teddy has a lot of love to give someone. Please fill out the application now and name Tiny Teddy. Adoption donation is $150.00, includes microchip.

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Puddin' / Adoption donation is $300

February 2016
Youíve all heard of Yorkshire Pudding Ė Well here he is, in the fur! Puddiní was a stray that was in pretty bad shape when he came in to the shelter. Our rescue was asked to help him and we just couldnít say no. He had a full dental cleaning, has been vaccinated and microchipped, was heartworm and fecal tested as well. He has been neutered, as all our rescues are, and is ready to find a great home to love and cherish him. Puddin is about 10 years old, we guess. He weighs in at 8 pounds. He is becoming more playful as he becomes comfortable with his foster home. Foster mom says heís a joy to have around. Senior dogs are wonderful additions to quiet households. He would love to walk with you every day but if you have a yard, exploring is always fun too.

Fill out an adoption application now. Adoption donation is $300.00, including microchip.

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Northern California


Mignon / Adoption donation is $450

April 2016
Mignon definitely lives up to her name - this girl is quite the love! She will become your shadow; giving you kisses during the day and be your cuddle-bug at night. She originally came from a home where she lived outside and didn't get along with any animals, but her foster home has two dogs and a cat and, after about a week, has accepted them as part of her pack. She loves going outside and her favorite activity is going on walks (after snuggling on the couch and bed). When not running around in the yard, she loves being with her foster parents and learning new tricks. Mignon is bright and is easy to train, but will need to go to an experienced owner. Because she was never in the house in her previous home, she does have some uncertainties with other animals and humans, but is very quick to warm up - especially if you show her they're good. Mignon is about 7 years old and weighs 14 pounds. She is fully vaccinated, spayed, heartworm and fecal tested as well as microchipped. Please fill out an adoption application and ask to Mignon. You wonít regret it. Adoption donation is $450, includes microchip.

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Rocky / Adoption donation is $250

April 2016
Rocky is a resilient senior Yorkie gentleman. He is guessed to be about 12 years old and weighs 6.8 pounds. Foster mom says he is very good about his potty habits and gets along well with the other Yorkies in the house. Rocky has some signs of neglect: bald patches on his back from severe flea infestation. He is being treated for that as well as a bad set of teeth in his mouth. He will be getting a full dental cleaning before going to his new home. He is already neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Rocky is a mellow boy with a sweet temperament and would love to live his golden years in a quiet household with someone to cherish and care for him. Please consider Rocky as your new companion. Adoption donation is $250.00, includes microchip.

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Bentley Boo/ Adoption donation is $800

April 2016
Say Hello to Bentley Boo. At 3 Ĺ years old he is a young guy that will give your family years of love and old enough to already know his dog manners. BB is housebroken, rides well in the car and is well behaved enough to go to work with foster mom. He weighs a solid 16.4 pounds, which makes him ideal for a family pet. His last family had a young boy that was fun to play with so he would love to have more kids around the house. A yard is a must for this one. He loves to be outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. He gets along fine with other dogs, is curious about cats and is not fearful of strangers or new places.

Bentley Boo is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and fecal and heartworm tested. Adoption donation is $800.00, includes microchip.

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Max / Adoption donation is $400

March 2016
Marvelous Max is now ready for adoption. He has had a rough road since he was dumped at the shelter in a mangy, neglected condition. The shelter Vets diagnosed him with serious periodontal disease. Max has now had four different surgeries to correct the terribly infected condition of his mouth. He has been left with no teeth, but he has a great spirit. He had endured not being able to eat when his teeth were rotten and his gums and tongue were infected. He was so thin that one could feel his ribs and spine. Now that the infection is gone, Max is learning how to eat without teeth. He only wants to love and be loved. He is gaining weight and gaining confidence. Max is about 8 years old and weighs 8 pounds. He likes to ride in the car and has been a good boy on trips to work with foster mom. He doesnít mind other dogs but really likes to be the center of attention. He is active and should have a nice yard to play in or a committed family that will take him to run and play at the dog park.

Max is fully vaccinated, heartworm and fecal tested. He is microchipped and ready to meet his new best friend. Adoption donation is $400, includes microchip .

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Franklin / Adoption donation is $550

January 2014
Franklin is a special needs dog with a great attitude and inspiring story. This Yorkie boy was found as a stray, dragging his back end with sores on his feet, hocks and bottom. He appeared to have lived without the use of his rear legs for quite some time. The shelter staff contacted YTNR because Franklin had such a good personality, they believed he was a good candidate for a second chance.

Franklin was examined and X rayed. It was discovered that this sweet little dog had been shot and has a BB lodged in his spinal cord. Surgery to remove the BB was ruled out and a custom made wheel cart was ordered. Franklin has learned to use his wheel cart quickly. His abrasions have almost healed and he is ready to find his very own forever family.

His new family must be willing to devote time to Franklins continued care. He will never be able to walk on his own. He can not be left alone in his cart without supervision. Franklin must wear a Drag Bag when he isn't in his wheel cart to prevent the sores and abrasions from coming back. Franklin also wears diapers since his ability to control his bowels and bladder have also been affected. In return for this extra care, Franklin will reward you with unconditional love and a lifetime of good days and inspiration.

He is about 2 years old, weighs 11. 6 pounds. He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm and parasite tested as well as up to date on all his vaccinations. If you are committed to being there for Franklin, day to day for the rest of his life, please fill out an adoption application now. Adoption donation $550.00 Includes microchip.



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Mindy / Adoption donation is $550

Update: April, 2016
WOW! What a difference a few weeks make! Iíve had the surgery that ensures I will NEVER have to have puppies againóIím officially an ďempty-nester,Ē even though Iím basically still a kid myself. Yippeeóďlet the good times roll!Ē I also had a few cysts removed, but the nice Vet lady called them B-9 (or as Foster Mom spells it, ďbenignĒ). Basically, it means ď?donít worry, be B-happy for me?!Ē
Iím healing nicely, full of energy, and ready to sniff out my new family. I know you are out there somewhere, so give a shout in my direction and Iíll find youóIím good at finding things. Foster Mom says that Iíve settled down a lot and not barking at noises so much. I think Iím feeling more secure and much less afraid of whatís outside the door. Iíll still let you know if someone rings the bell or knocks, but heyóthe other pups in this house do too and Iím following their lead.

Speaking of following the lead, Iíve learned to potty outdoors, walk on a lead, sit, stay, and come. Foster Mom and Dad are amazed at how smart I am. Smart, sweet, and beautifulóIím the whole package! And Iím really excited to have a family of my very own. I have LOTS of love to give and my tail is wagging more and more. Take a good look at my face over there in the photoóhow can you resist? Just click on where it says, ďFill out an Application now!Ē and we can begin our lives together. Iíll bet you have lots to teach me too! What are you waiting for? Letís go!

March 2016
Hi, I am Mindy. My foster Mom and the nice Vet lady think Iím a Silky Terrier because of my beautiful silvery coloring and my strong ďterrierĒ skills! I have excellent hearing, and will not allow anyone to approach the house without alerting you. And if there is a critter in the yard, watch outóIím going for it! When Iím not chasing critters and taking my job as watchdog seriously, Iím just a snuggle-bug in need of love. I was found as a stray, so no one knows my history, and I canít talk about it. Everyone thinks I was probably living in a backyard, being bred regularly since Iíve had several litters of pups, and Iím only around 3-5 years old.

Also, Iím very in-tune with the ďout-of-doors,Ē and even when inside, can tell when one of those pesky masked critters you folks call raccoons, comes upon the deck. Guess I have a sixth sense that warns me of danger approaching. Or living outside fine-tuned my awareness. I have lots of energy and would be happiest with a family that plays with me, takes me on lots of walks, and will explore the world with me. I love to go outside, but need a fence Ďcause those critters make me forget that I need to stay put!

I weigh 10 pounds and Iím having something called a ďspayĒ in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I love having regular meals, tummy rubs, sleeping in the big bed, and trying to get my foster brother and sister furkids to play with me. They seem to like me, but donít enjoy playing as much as I do. Foster Mom says thatís because they are ďseniors,Ē whatever that is. But they are teaching me some valuable skills such as how to go potty outside, where the treats are kept, and that the dog beds are not chew toys. Itís a lot to learn, but Foster Mom and Dad keep saying how very smart I am. They think I could learn oodles of tricks, especially if treats are involved. I like thatóďTrick and TreatĒómaybe my name should be ďHOWL-o-weenĒ instead of Mindy! (See, Iím funny too!)

If you are looking for a sweet, loving, energetic, intelligent, curious, happy-go-lucky pup, Iím your gal. If you have a couple of kids who have been taught to be gentle with pets, that would be okay too. Iím not sure about catsóif Iíve ever met one, Iím not talking about it. But since Iím so sweet and smartóI think I can learn to get along, unless I mistake them for a critter, and then I might take chase. But since I never catch the critters, who knows what I would do? But Iíve never shown any signs of aggression, just a keen interest.

Iím really looking for a furever family to love. If thatís you, please fill out an adoption application so you can take me home. Iíll be ready around the third week of April, so I can ďSpringĒ into your life and your heart forever! Adoption donation is $550, includes Micro chip.



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Ebony/ Adoption donation is $800

April, 2016
It has been a while since you have seen me, but my foster mommy has been busy helping me and another little Special Needs little girl. I was born with nerve damage so I am considered a special needs little boy, I weigh 5.8 pounds and I am 10 months old.. I was surrendered to YTNR at 2 months because something happened at birth that caused nerve damage. My owner didnít know how to take care of a pup like me so she contacted YTNR for help. Now after the loving care of my foster mom, I can now walk a lot further without my bottom hitting the floor ( but it still does sometimes). Sadly the nerve damage has affected my Kidneys and Bladder so I have to wear a belly band. I will not be able to sleep in your bed because of the Bladder problem, but that doesnít bother me in the least. My foster mom has done water therapy along with acupuncture. Without this type of care I donít think I would be walking as good as I do now.

I love to play with the other Yorkies in the house, (I think I drive the others crazy with playing, because I donít want to stop). Oh I love car rides, but I need to be in a kennel for my safety. I am be looking for a VERY SPECIAL FUREVER home. I want to do what is right like the other Yorkies but I just canít. I will give back to you with so much love it will melt your heart. The only other thing I can tell you about me is I HATE bath time. You really have to be strong to give me a bath, but the good side to this is I love being brushed and donít mind the clippers or hair dryer ( is this funny or what). My foster mom doesnít understand me not liking the bath because I didnít give her any trouble swimming.

If you are interested in adopting me submit an application, donít forget to add my name itís EBONY. I am really praying I can find that special person who doesnít mind taking on a special boy like me. Please remember, my special needs will be for life due to the nerve damage. I need a furever person who will love me as I am and take care of me and my special needs. One more thing, I must BE IN A HOME WHERE SOMEONE IS HOME ALL DAY. I am living in Indiana, if you are in another state mom said you would have to be willing to travel to adopt me, whatever that means. thank you all, I send you hugs and kisses.

PS I might have Special Needs, but I can assure you that the love and companionship I will give will be endless.

Adoption Donation $800, includes micro chip.



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Lexie/ Adoption donation is $600

April, 2016
Meet Lexie, a sweet 5 year old little lady who loves going for walks, car rides and just sitting beside you watching you work on the computer, cook or watching TV. Her mother got ill and could no longer keep her. If Lexie looks like a Yorkie that you could love for the rest of her life please fill out an application. Adoption donation $600, includes microchip.