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Looking for a new Home...

To rescue a Yorkie, a minimum donation to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is required based upon on the age and condition of the dog and medical expenses incurred beginning at $150 plus a $25 fee for Microchipping. Each dog is Microchipped before going to it's new home. Read about our Microchip Policy here.

If you are interested in a Yorkie that is not in your home state, you may still send an inquiry, however, every effort is first made to place the dogs locally, however in some circumstances we do allow the adopted families to come pick the dogs from their foster home.

We tend to have more people willing to rescue our Yorkies than we have dogs available. While this may mean that you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before a rescue becomes available, it is the best possible situation for our Yorkies needing new "forever" homes. You must fill out the form to be put on the waiting list, and someone in your area will contact you.

Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore

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These dogs need extra help. Any donation you can make will help us help little dogs like this needing extreme emergency care.

Available Rescue's Below:

Southern California


Remy / Adoption donation is $350

February 2015
Remy is a 4 pound male Yorkie that is about 7 years old. We have been evaluating him in foster care and think heís about ready for his new home. Remy would do well in a home with other small dogs, or a small cat if they'll accept him. If there are no other pets, the owner would need to spend a substantial amount of time with him, either at home, or by taking Remy along. He travels well, and he walks well on a leash. I believe he is potty-trained, only one accident. He has a very passive manner, and he's extremely timid. He is petite so he will not go to a home with children. Remy needs to gain a little weight and will need time to settle in to feel comfortable. He is neutered, Up to date on his vaccinations and microchipped. Adoption donation is $350, includes Microchip.

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Northern California


Sammy / Adoption donation is $600

August 2015
Meet Sammy. He is about 6 years old and weighs 7.6 pounds. He is underweight and his ribs are showing. He was a stray that was brought to the shelter with foxtails embedded in his paw and bottom. He also had a scratched cornea. His eye is a little weepy, but is healing nicely with daily medication as are the other foxtail wounds. Sammy walks well on a leash, likes to ride in the car and gets along with everyone. He doesnít give cats a second look, and large dogs donít scare him. Sammy just got a teeth cleaning, neuter and all shots are up to date. Sammy is also microchipped and has been heartworm tested. He is housetrained to a doggie door, but will need work on housebreaking if you donít have one. He also needs a secure fenced yard to stretch in the sun and keep him safe.

Help Sammy find his forever home at your house Ė fill out an application now. Adoption donation is $600.00, includes microchip.

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Bella / Adoption donation is $700

August 2015
Bella is one spunky gal! At only 5 lbs., Bellaís personality is far larger than she is. She is a smart pup too. Foster mom is putting in the time and effort required to make this little spitfire into a great companion. The work is paying off. Bella is learning to potty outside and other doggie manners. If you have the time and patience to further Bellaís training, along with a nice yard to play in, then please fill out an adoption application. This little girl is not quite 2 years old yet , but she knows she doesnít like cats. She also should not go to a home with small children due to her tiny size. Bella is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She is in good health and would love a doggy buddy of the same size and activity level to play with. Fill out an adoption application now, adoption donation is $700.00, includes microchip.

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Brodie / Adoption donation is $600

August 2015
This is Brodie. Heís a terrier mix of about 3 years old. He was recently neutered and is now fully vaccinated, heartworm tested and microchipped. Brodie needs a family that will give him the proper exercise and secure home to thrive in. He gets along well with other dogs, so a dog buddy and a yard to play in would be an asset to his future home. Brodie weighs about 10 lbs. and loves attention without being too needy. He is housebroken to a doggie door.

Brodie is ready to become your new pal and loyal companion. Adoption fee is $600.00, includes microchip.

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Fill out an Application now!

Scrappy / Adoption donation is $525

July 2015
Scrappy is just that Ė a scrappy guy that loves to be loved, needs to be cuddled and wants to be your best friend. He is a kick to watch when an ice cube falls from the dispenser and misses your glass Ė itís a wonderful frozen toy for him to play with. Scrappy likes other dogs, but would be best as an only dog, unless the other dog is older and docile. Also, he should not go to a home with small children. Scrappy has anxiety, and it gets escalated when other dogs or small kids run around. Itís as if he gets so excited he just canít control himself. In a calm environment with nothing to get him riled up he is calm, happy and well behaved. Scrappy is trained to a doggy door, walks well on a leash and likes to go for car rides. We believe him to be a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix. He is 3 years old, 10 .2 pounds and neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

If you can give this wonderful fellow a loving home with a nice yard to run in and a warm lap to cuddle in, please fill out your adoption application now. Adoption donation is $525.00, includes microchip.

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Dolly / Adoption donation is $550

July 2015
Meet Dolly, she is little runaway gal found far from home. Sadly, her microchip did her no good as the family could not be contacted to pick her up. Dolly is now with a YTNR foster family and is fitting in well. Foster mom says Dolly is a good girl, gets along well and plays with the other doggies and behaves like a lady. She is mostly housebroken and needs some loving reinforcement training to keep her on track. Dolly is about 4 years old, approximately 9 lbs. and is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

She is ready to go to her forever home. Please fill out an adoption application for her now. Adoption Donation is $550, includes Microchip.


Toby (N. California) / Adoption donation is $350

March 2015
This is Toby. A beautiful boy of 6 years old that is a mix of Yorkie and most likely Cairn or Norfolk terrier. Poor Toby lost his eyesight rapidly last October. He has been diagnosed with SARD: Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration. Being blind hasnít dampened his enthusiasm for life nor his ability to give affection. Heís a smart boy and has mastered the doggie door in no time and can even navigate the front steps, both up and down to the front lawn. He will need a quiet, secure home where he can relax in the yard or on the couch. At 20 lbs., he is a bit large for a lap dog, but donít tell him that. Snuggling close is what he likes best.

Toby is microchipped, vaccinated and ready for a forever home where he can be a loyal and delightful member of your family. Adoption donation $350 includes microchip.

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Franklin / Adoption donation is $550

January 2014
Franklin is a special needs dog with a great attitude and inspiring story. This Yorkie boy was found as a stray, dragging his back end with sores on his feet, hocks and bottom. He appeared to have lived without the use of his rear legs for quite some time. The shelter staff contacted YTNR because Franklin had such a good personality, they believed he was a good candidate for a second chance.

Franklin was examined and X rayed. It was discovered that this sweet little dog had been shot and has a BB lodged in his spinal cord. Surgery to remove the BB was ruled out and a custom made wheel cart was ordered. Franklin has learned to use his wheel cart quickly. His abrasions have almost healed and he is ready to find his very own forever family.

His new family must be willing to devote time to Franklins continued care. He will never be able to walk on his own. He can not be left alone in his cart without supervision. Franklin must wear a Drag Bag when he isn't in his wheel cart to prevent the sores and abrasions from coming back. Franklin also wears diapers since his ability to control his bowels and bladder have also been affected. In return for this extra care, Franklin will reward you with unconditional love and a lifetime of good days and inspiration.

He is about 2 years old, weighs 11. 6 pounds. He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm and parasite tested as well as up to date on all his vaccinations. If you are committed to being there for Franklin, day to day for the rest of his life, please fill out an adoption application now. Adoption donation $550.00 Includes microchip.


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Viva / Adoption donation is $900

May 2015
This adorable little girl is Viva. Right now Viva weighs 5 lbs. and she is only about 1 year old. She wasn't like that when she first came to us. Viva was having seizures daily; she was taken to a vet where her bile acids indicated a liver shunt.

Viva came into rescue in a pitiful condition. She only weighed 3.5 lbs. and her coat was matted and lifeless and she was very scared of people. Whenever anyone tried to hold her and/or pet her she turned into a Tasmanian devil; spinning around and flipping her head. I was afraid she would break her neck. She is doing wonderfully now with the loving care of her foster mom and the surgeries to save her life.

Viva had her first surgery shortly after she came to the rescue. She was still having seizures and at her 3 month retest her bile acids were still bad and again at 6 months.

So far YTNR has spent over $2600, she was scheduled for a second lifesaving surgery because her bile acid were still high. It was awful and scary that she had to go through the surgery again (it has a very difficultrecovery). Viva she doing wonderful and she is now ready for adoption. She is spay , UTD on shots, and microchipped. Adoption donation is $900, includes micro chip.

New Mexico


Kamea / Adoption donation is $450

November 2013
My name is Kamea and I am nine years old, and proud father of Molly and Jed. I weigh 7.6 pounds and handsome I think you will agree. My foster family thinks that I am a very smart boy and you will find that I can run faster and play harder than the pups that are much younger than me. I like to have an extra blanket in my bed so I can carry it around with me from place to place when I decide to sit closer to you. But, I am set in my ways, for instance, I will sit at the back door and bark until you let me in and will hit my food bowl or nudge it to you if I want to eat.

My foster dad does not want me to leave, but I need a forever home of my own. You will not be disappointed if you decide you want me to live with you. Donít forget to add my name to your application if I am the guy for you. Adoption Donation $450 includes microchip.

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