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Posting a Yorkie Needing a Home

How to post a Rescue

This page is for the posting of Yorkshire Terriers in need of a home. YTNR accepts Yorkies in need for surrender from other rescue organizations, individual and shelters. Puppies or dogs for sale may not be posted here. This is not a breeder page. If you are selling a dog, you need to post it somewhere else. The asking of an adoption fee to cover veterinary care and other rescue costs is not considered "selling". Please send me an E-mail when the dog is adopted, so I can take your posting down.

Please provide as much information about the dog as possible, like whether or not the dog is housebroken, crate trained, good with children, Age, sex, spayed/neutered or not, size, color and coat type,Reason for the dog being up for adoption, City and State the dog is located at, etc. You must provide your contact information (E-mail address and or telephone number) so that we may contact you. On the Comments, please list as much information available about the dog that was not asked in the form. Thank you.

Press the 'send' button when you are done. For correction before sending, press 'oops' If the form isn't working, please
just E-mail us your information.

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Filling out Form

Please note: If you do not provide a valid Name, Address, E-mail, and other important information asked for in this form, you will be taken to an Error page and explained what fields are missing. Once you fill in all the required information, we will let you know that your form has gone through.

(Please DO NOT hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
This will submit the form. You may use the tab button to go from question to question.)

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City: State: Zip Code:

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Dogs Location:
Dogs Name: Dogs Sex: Dogs Age: Dogs Weight:

Dogs Color: Dogs Coat Type: Spayed/Neutered:

Is Dog Microchipped? If Yes, please give the number and brand of microchip

Dogs Temperment: Good with Children: Housebroken:

Name of Dogs Vet:
Dogs Vet Phone #:

Reference Full Name:
Reference Phone #:
Is the dog up to date on Vacinations:
If yes, please list dates of last shots, as well as which vaccines were given:

Does your dog have any medical conditions?
If yes, please explain:

Does your dog get along with other dogs?
Does your dog get along with other cats?

Why are you surrendering this dog?
Can you give a donation to offset costs?
If yes, how much?
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