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2017 YTNR Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that assist people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several person or several angels for one person is open to question. But whether you believe in them or not, or whether you want one or not, believers insist that you do have a guardian angel. You can be a guardian angel - to a rescued Yorkshire Terrier. Many people have a deep love for Yorkshire Terriers. Some of us help by adopting, fostering, raising money for rescue, baking, sewing or donating our time to help these little rescues that come to us. If you have wanted to help but have not been able to foster, or adopt, or donate your time - Now you can help too!!

Your donation will help to pay some of the medical expenses of our rescued Yorkies, and your name will appear here on our Guardian Angel webpage!!!!! For any donation, you can become a YTNR Guardian Angel.



Types of Angels and Donation Amounts:

Guardian Angel Zadkiel
(Angel of Prayer)- $500 & up

Guardian AngelStars of Gabriel
(The Angel of Mercy) - $100 to $499

Guardian AngelStars of Ionel
(The Archangel of Health/Healing) - $50 to $99

Guardian AngelStars of Aftiel
(Angel of Twilight) - $1 to $49

Donations can be made through Paypal below or sent to:

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc.
c/o Mary Elizabeth Dugmore
1065 Lewis Road
Chapmansboro, TN 37035

You make a donation through our secure PayPal.



See our Angels below:

Guardian Angel

(Angel of Prayer) - $500 & up

Estee Schwartz
Carlyn Clement
Renata Circeo
Rosemarie Ollikainen
Toni Lowery


Guardian Angel

Stars of Gabriel
(The Angel of Mercy) - $100 to $499

Amalia Spaulding
Karen Roff
Brook and Marilyn Wright


Guardian Angel

Stars of Ionel
(The Archangel of Health/Healing) - $50 to $99

Daynica Knaeble
Jilda Schwartz
Alan Nakashima
Karen Whinnery
Friends and Neighbors Club of Cobb County


Guardian Angel

Stars of Aftiel
(Angel of Twilight) - $1 to $49

Ronee Bergman
Beverley Rose
Helen Tompkins
Michael Catanzaro
Belinda Boyd
Chris and Kim Buck
Tammy Lynn
Kathryn Schuller


2017 Contributions by Category

January Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Jilda Schwartz in honor of Marilyn Arooli and her charge little Ellie
Amalia Spaulding in Loving Memory of Leo Spaulding
Karen Roff in memory of PeeWee,
Karen Whinnery, Chris and Kim Buck In memory of Lewy Wright
Brook and Marilyn Wright in memory of Lewy
Toni Lowery, Friends and Neighbors Club of Cobb County in Memory of Carole Martin

General Fund for Magnificent 13:
Rosemarie Ollikainen, Helen Tompkins

General Fund for Angel:
Alan Nakashima, Beverley Rose

General Fund for Nugget:
Kathryn Schuller, Tammy Lynn

General Fund for Remi:
Belinda Boyd, Michael Catanzaro

Livershunt Fund Unrestricted:
Patricia Blackmon


February Contributors

General Fund Unrestricted:
Ronee Bergman in honor of Dax the Wonder Dog

General Fund for Earth Angels:
Daynica Knaeble

General Fund for Jazz Thompson Memorial:
Renata Circeo

General Fund for Mag 13 Jackpot:
Carlyn Clement

General Fund for Valentine:
Estee Schwartz